Update of Force Majeure situation for Perstorp’s caprolactones

Our production and maintenance staff has worked strenuously to resolve all problems and I am pleased to report that the plant was restarted on April 27th.  Production is stable, but we have not yet reached full operating rate. When this is achieved, it is our intention to withdraw the Force Majeure.
The unexpected shutdown created an opportunity for our engineering team to perform most of the tie-in work that was planned during May as part of the commissioning of our new Capa™ monomer unit. As a consequence thereof, we now expect to have a higher production output during May, thereby mitigating part of the loss caused by the Force Majeure event.
With respect to outstanding orders, our customer service and supply chain personnel have reviewed all orders that have been delayed as a consequence of the outage and are in the process of advising new delivery dates for our customers.
We are at the customers disposal to discuss solutions that we could apply in order to minimize the impact of this Force Majeure and we will do our utmost to keep them duly and continuously informed. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause our customers. Questions should be directed to the sales representative.

Perstorp April 29th, 2011
By and on behalf of
Perstorp Holding AB and its subsidiaries

Mårten Olausson
Vice President
Head of Business Unit Caprolactones

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