Perstorp’s presence in Asia and its offer for polyurethanes highlighted at Chinacoat 2010

With a focus on energy savings and green technologies, Perstorp’s message was well-received by customers and raised interest with many journalists who met with Perstorp for further discussions. Perstorp also participated in a technical seminar organised by the WBCP (Waterborne China Platform) association. The seminar confirmed that the Chinese market is quickly moving to waterborne technologies.

“The exhibition has been an excellent opportunity to reinforce Perstorp’s name as a leading supplier to the resins, coatings and adhesives industries,” says Eugénie Charrière, Head of Market Development Coatings & Adhesives. “We have been actively promoting our broad product portfolio with a strategy geared to helping our customers develop more environmentally friendly products while also yielding energy savings. This is all made possible thanks to our Tolonate™, Easaqua™, Capa™ and Boltorn™ ranges of speciality products for polyurethanes.” 

The reaction to Perstorp’s offer at Chinacoat 2010 was very positive and participating in the exhibition will help Perstorp to further develop their business in the region. Eric Aubay, Vice president HDI & Derivatives BU says: 

“Having caprolactones, isocyanates and specialty polyols in our portfolio is meaningful for our customers. Customers appreciate not only our products, but our capabilities, sales and technical support. That’s why they are more and more interested in developing partnerships with us.”

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