Perstorp strengthens position at PaintIndia 2010

Staffed with a combination of technical and commercial experts, the Perstorp booth attracted a substantial number of registered visitors during the three day fair. Among 190 other exhibitors, Perstorp presented the very latest innovations including winning formulas for PUD resins with superior properties, high performance 1K and 2K PU coatings, Charmor®-based intumescent coatings for protecting people and property, and cost-effective, low-VOC polyesters and alkyds. 

“There were a lot of discussions on the Tolonate® range which can be used for various applications. The aliphatic crosslinker for 1K heat activated and 2K-polyurethane coatings possesses outstanding appearance, chemical resistance and durability.  It is a key component for top rate environmental performance through low volatile organic compounds (VOC) meaning reduced atmospheric emissions. This combination of exceptional properties and environmental profile makes it unique on the market”, says Parag Karhadkar, Perstorp DY. GM Business Development.

At the fair, awareness was also raised about low viscosity grades in Tolonate® as well as Easaqua™ for easy waterborne PU coatings.

India is still a major growth market demanding more technologically advanced solutions that meet the increasing consumer demands for higher quality and safety in end-products.

“A lot of customers also showed interest in making PUD here in India. This is pleasing as we are currently expanding in India with a new laboratory in Mumbai and a growing sales team”, continues Parag Karhadkar. 

The brand new applications laboratory will allow Perstorp to explore new developments in paint, coating and resin applications and more, while being close to the market and able to offer customer support.

“A strong driver of Perstorp’s growth in India is Charmor® for intumescent coatings. Unsurprisingly, customers at the fair were also interested in Charmor®, which protects the structure, and people inside, of public buildings like the recently opened Delhi International Airport and the upcoming Chennai and Calcutta airport construction projects set for 2010”, says Parag Karhadkar proudly.

Discussions also took place around Boltorn® W3000 and awareness about CAPA was raised.  Among the visitors were both existing and potential customers, including lots of smaller customers and co-suppliers such as BYK, DSM, Nuplex, Clariant etc. All in all, Perstorp’s participation in PaintIndia 2010 has strengthened its position in India even further.

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