Charmor® protects people & property in India & Middle East

Intumescent coatings with Charmor® protect the structure, and people inside, of the recently opened Delhi International Airport in India, as well as the new terminal of the Dubai International Airport and Dubai Metro stations in the United Arab Emirates. And intumescent coatings with Charmor® will also protect the major Chennai and Calcutta airport construction projects set for 2010. 

A growing economy, better infrastructure and rising safety standards and regulations in India and the Middle East have propelled the success of our highly purified Charmor®for intumescent coatings in this market.

“In India especially, the recent opening up for private investments in this sector and the rapidly increasing amount of international travel to and from the country also contribute to a growing demand for the highest performance intumescent coatings,” explains Parag Karhadkar, Business Development Manager Perstorp India. 

Charmor® intumescent coatings win valuable time in the event of a fire breaking out and protect lives and property by forming a superior char barrier that insulates steel and wooden structures, significantly reducing the rate of temperature rise and delaying or even avoiding structural collapses. 

Our Charmor® products are currently helping protect industrial steel constructions, major airports, business complexes, hotels, arenas and more around the world.

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