90,000 school children experiment with Perstorp Capa®

The point of Chemistry Day is to show that chemistry isn’t difficult and can be both fun and exciting. Perstorp will be making this possible for lots of Swedish school children this year.

“The experiment package that the students will get contains two separate plastics experiments with one containing our Capa®, which is a polymorphic plastic,” says Mårten Olausson, Manager BU Caprolactones. “This means that the plastic is moldable at low temperatures and children will be able to make their own key rings from our product.” 

Swedish schools’ interest in Chemistry Day has increased dramatically since the experiment package started being used. 150 classes took part in 2001 and this year the material package has been sent to 3,500 classes, which means that around 90,000 children will get the opportunity of getting first-hand experience of chemistry. Maybe even future chemists?

Kemins Dag (Chemistry Day) facts 
Chemistry Day is an annual event that aims to arouse and spread interest in chemistry. Each year has a different theme.

The Swedish Plastics and Chemicals Federation funds Chemistry Day and annually develops new, exciting experiments together with a number of science centers. All the ingredients needed for the experiments are put together as a package that schools can order. 

This year’s theme for Chemistry Day is “Upprepad Kemi” (Repeated Chemistry).

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