Success at the Dendrimer Symposium

“Hyperbranched aliphatic polyesters in flexible polyurethane foams” was the title of Lundmark’s presentation, partly based on research made by postgraduate Anna Andersson.
“I spoke about the benefits of using our product Boltorn in car seats. Our message is basically that we are in the forefront of commercializing hyperbranched chemicals”, Stefan Lundmark says.

The main benefit of hyperbranched or dendritic (tree-structured) polymers is their high functionality - they have many reactive groups on the same molecule. The same can be achieved with a linear structure as well, but at the price of higher viscosity, which makes them more difficult to process industrially. A tree-structured molecule has the same molecular weight but much, much lower viscosity, which is an essential feature in many applications, for examples paints.

“Boltorn is primarily used for UV curing applications and polyurethane foams”, Stefan Lundmark explains.

An appreciated event 
Despite the recession 210 people from all over the world attended the conference, which was held in Stockholm this year. About 1/3 of them were industrial representatives and 2/3 academics. Approximately 50 of the attendees chose to listen to Stefan Lundmark’s speech – which he held parallel to two other presentations.

“I got many questions about prices, performance and applications. I spoke to people from Europe, USA, Brazil and Japan”, he says.

For Perstorp the conference was a perfect opportunity to prove that there is substance behind our core value Focused Innovation.

“Adapting molecular structures to suit our customers’ needs takes a long time”, Stefan Lundmark concludes.

In addition to the presentation, Perstorp’s concept was presented at a stand Perstorp shared with its partner Polymer Factory, who also arranged the conference. Polymer Factory is licensed to sell Perstorp’s perfect dendrimers that are used in more demanding - for example medical – applications.

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