Proven best abrasion resistance in PUDs with Capa®

Our Capa® range has long been enhancing the performance of end-products in a wide range of applications and new tests results from our R&D team now show the great potential of Capa® products for improving polyurethane formulations, most notably with excellent abrasion resistance. 

“Capa® caprolactones in PUDs clearly stand out as enabling the best abrasion resistance of all the macrodiols we have analyzed,” says Director of Market Development, Bo Häggman. “We have received many positive reports about the performance benefits, including abrasion resistance, that Capa® gives in PUDs and now our tests confirm this.” 

The laboratory tests, comparing the retained gloss of PUD-coated surfaces rubbed with abrasive material, show that PUDs using Capa® are approximately eight times more durable than an adipate polyester. 

This enables PUD producers of waterborne polyurethane resins and coatings formulators to deliver added value and higher performance to end products that need to withstand wear and tear, including wood and plastic flooring and automotive interiors. 

The outstanding abrasion resistance comes directly from the inherent properties of the Capa® caprolactone backbone structure, which gives good flexibility, thereby enabling toughness and resilience and resisting haziness, cracks and scratches. 

“We hope to help formulators discover the major potential of our Capa® range in differentiating their PUDs with outstanding abrasion resistance and the other beneficial properties that Capa® gives, including excellent adhesion, easier processing and handling and good chemical and UV resistance,” Häggman concludes.

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