Rhodocoat and Tolonate significantly strengthen our product portfolio

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
17 September 2008

The acquisition of Rhodia Organics and Lyondell Chimie, with their products such as Tolonate and Rhodocoat, will significantly strengthen our product portfolio, particularly for the coatings industry, while also providing synergies in sales, production and development.

Our resin and coating customers will gain access to a unique product portfolio, which will help them fully develop their business activities and extend their product offers. 

Our Tolonate polyisocyanates and Capa Polycaprolactones for 2K-polyurethane coatings possess outstanding appearance, chemical resistance and durability. They are key components for a top rate environmental performance through their low volatile organic content (VOC) meaning reduced atmospheric emissions.

For waterborne polyurethane coatings, our aliphatic isocyanates combined with Oxymer Polycarbonate diols, Capa, and our wide range of dispersing monomers, provide state-of-the-art PUDs, which can be cross-linked with our Rhodocoat polyisocyanates designed for waterborne systems. 

Urethane alkyds’ coating performance benefits considerably from our special grade of Scuranate TDI, combined with our high-purity pentarythritol and other polyalcohols.

Our specialty polyol additives help customers meet the comfort requirements at lower average density for flexible TDI foams.

Tolonate®aliphatic isocyanates:
• Outstanding appearance 
• Exceptional gloss retention 
• Non-yellowing when ageing 
• High solids, low VOC options 
• Rapid drying potential

Rhodocoat™ aliphatic polyisocyanates:
• Easy mixing 
• Rapid drying 
• Eco-friendly 
• Worldwide registered 
• Widely compatible

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