Polymer Factory takes Perstorp’s dendritic materials to the next level

The agreement gives Polymer Factory license to use Perstorp’s dendritic technology and Boltorn for advanced research and product development. It also states the forms of collaboration between the two companies.

– Perstorp is the world-leading producer of this specialty polymer. We sell it for many different end uses, for example coatings and plastics, says Håkan Björnberg, Business Development Manager at Perstorp. 

– But we don’t specialize in advanced research, and there is a broad array of applications where our dendritic materials could be utilized, he continues.

Good synergies
Polymer Factory specializes in dendritic materials and other advanced polymeric materials as well as contract research.  

- This cooperation is a great opportunity for us. Perstorp focuses mostly on large volumes, but we can produce small quantities of highly specialized dendritic materials, says Polymer Factory’s CEO Mats Wallnér. Together we can serve clients with very different requirements. 

– Polymer Factory has long experience in dendritic polymer research and an excellent network in the academic world. Our cooperation will give more users access to the technology, and the commercial applications can expand faster, Björnberg adds.

Future in biomedical applications
Dendritic materials can be tailored to suit the most various needs. Mats Wallnér believes that there is a bright future for these nanometer-sized building blocks in biomedical applications, for example as carriers of active substances in medicines. The active substances can be incorporated in the dendrimer structure and thereby improve solubility and reduce toxicity problems. Inside the body the dendrimers can release the active substances where it is needed most, Wallnér says. Another example, where Polymer Factory is conducting extensive research, is for advanced diagnostic methods such as in vitro tests for allergy towards pharmaceuticals.

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