New balance at the top with Oxymer™ C112 for PUD coatings

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
2 June 2008

The latest Oxymer™ grade from leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp, aims specifically to improve on today’s top polycarbonate diols for PUD coatings and match formulator expectations about polycarbonate diol behavior.

Oxymer™ C112 improves PUD coatings with excellent balance between film hardness and coating flexibility and stronger water and chemical resistance, including resistance to acid and base, acetone products and ethanol/alcohol.  

Oxymer™ C112, which launches in June at the 2008 American Coatings Show, in Charlotte, North Carolina, also gives PUD coatings more powerful adhesion to metal and plastic substrates, such as aluminum, steel, ABS, Polyamide and PVC, than the polycarbonate diols available today can.  

While existing polycarbonate diols are crystalline solids, Oxymer™ C112 offers the added processing advantage of being a liquid, non-crystalline product and is therefore easier to handle and requires less heat or energy to melt. 

Oxymer™ C112 also gives PUD coatings the extreme UV and weather resistance that make polycarbonate diols the premium solution for keeping high end outdoor products, such as leather car interiors and sports equipment, looking and performing like new for longer. 

The new Oxymer™ technology platform is the result of Perstorp’s largest development project in recent years and is a part of the company’s growing offer and commitment to the PUD market.

“Our aim is to support formulators with the widest portfolio available tailored to PUDs, which includes our Oxymer™ range, Capa® Caprolactones and dispersing monomers,” explains Bo Häggman, Perstorp Director of Market Development, “and to help PUD formulators to develop totally unique polycarbonate diols, fine-tuned to their specific needs.”

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