Anders Lundin new president of Perstorp BioProducts

Lundin is an economist from Lund University. During his years within Perstorp, he has held many managing positions and also been a part of the Executive Management Team between the years 2001 and mid 2005. His professional focus has been on new business development, sales and acquisitions. 

What is the focus of your attention now?
- Biofuels, says Anders Lundin. We are Scandinavia’s largest producer of RME, or biodiesel, and we see an increasing demand for our product, and for biofuels in general. Our strategy is to dominate the Scandinavian RME-market. 

What does the future hold?
– We are also looking into other biofuels, for example bioethanol and biomethanol, both of which could be used as renewable raw materials in Perstorp’s chemical processes.

Brief facts 
RME – rape methyl ester - is produced out of rapeseed oil and methanol in Perstorp’s plant in Stenungsund. As a by-product from the process comes glycerin, that is sold on the chemical market. Today the plant produces 160 000 Mtons of RME yearly.

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