Perstorp participates in research projects

Krister Forsman, Corporate Senior Specialist Process Control, says:
- Two multidisciplinary research centers will be established. One at Linköping University and one at Lund University. They will focus on three key factors for the process industry, namely accessibility, controllability and flexibility.

An opportunity to influence
Krister Forsman looks forward to cooperating with other industry representatives and the universities. 
- It is a great opportunity for us to participate in research that is directly relevant for our industry, he says. We contribute with our experience, man-hours and funds.

The exact questions at issue are yet to be formulated, but Krister Forsman has ideas: 
- Diagnostics for example. Lots could be gained by finding problems in process lines before they actually occur. Another example is advanced reactor control. Studies could help us optimize the parameters to get the most out of the reaction.

Knowledge and competitiveness
Perstorp will also take part in designing courses and programs for the universities, Production Management to name one.

- There is a big knowledge gap between the academic world and the industries. The industries need to attract more academics! 

Krister Forsman is convinced that the projects will, in the long run, further increase the competitiveness of Perstorp, and also of Swedish process industry at large.

Brief facts:
Swedish Foundation for strategic research grants SEK 30 millions over a three-year period to two industrial research centers:
- Centre for process optimization and control at Lund University together with external partners Perstorp, Borealis, Novo Nordisk and Pfizer.
- CIOPS–PI at Linköping University together with external partners Perstorp, Nynäs Petroleum, AstraZeneca, ABB, SSAB, Korsnäs and Södra.

Additional SEK 30 millions are reserved for the following two years.

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