Perstorp increases prices on organic acid based feed additives

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
14 December 2007

Feed Additive producer Perstorp announces price increase on organic acid based feed additives, effective January 1st, 2008, or as existing contracts permit.

Prices are increased for the following products; 

Dry products, silica based EUR 100/MT
Dry products, CA salt based EUR 75/MT
Liquid products, formic or lactic based EUR 120 -150/MT
Liquid products, propionic based EUR 50 - 60/MT 

Price increases are driven by high demand and increases on raw materials.

Facts about Perstorp and feed additives
For nearly fifty years Perstorp has been involved with developing a range of highly effective feed additives to improve the performance of farm animals. Perstorp’s outstanding product range is complemented with a competence mix that makes the difference in helping you become more profitable. Product innovation and R&D activities lead to feed additives that improve the nutritional value of feed and protect animal health.

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