Two formaldehyde plants to Ticona – a record year for Perstorp Formox

Ticona, which belongs to the Celanese Corporation, already has two formalin plants based on the technology developed by Perstorp Formox. The reason why Ticona is now purchasing two more plants is that their production facilities in Kelsterbach must be moved to allow for the expansion of the Frankfurt airport. Their existing formalin production will be replaced by the two new plants.  

One of the reasons for choosing Perstorp Formox as a collaboration partner and supplier for the new plants is the high safety and environmental demands. Moreover, previous collaboration between Ticona and Perstorp Formox has worked very well.

“Building up a chemical industry in the densely populated Frankfurt region places very high demands on safety,” notes Mikael Ekblad, General Manager of Perstorp Formox. ”That’s why we are especially pleased that Ticona selected us to be their supplier for the new plants. It confirms that we have what it takes to meet the demands of large, safety-conscious companies.” 

”We view this order as highly significant in terms of reinforcing our strong position in the market for formaldehyde plants and technology,” adds Bo Dankis, President and CEO of the Perstorp Group. ”We are also pleased to note, following a number of recent acquisitions, that we are also growing organically within our existing businesses as well.”

Facts about Perstorp Formox and formaldehyde
Perstorp Formox is world-leading in plants as well as catalysts for formaldehyde production, based on the efficient process Perstorp Formox has developed. Nearly half of the world’s total new formaldehyde capacity during the past 10 years comes from plants supplied by Perstorp Formox. Formalin (the aqueous solution of formaldehyde) is used primarily as a chemical building block in the chemical and resin industries.

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