Withdrawal of Force Majeure for Di-Penta

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
28 September 2006

The declaration of Force Majeure, sent out September 14, is now withdrawn for Di-Penta.

As a consequence of the dust explosion in the Penta plant at the site in Bruchhausen, Germany, Force Majeure was declared September 14 as regards deliveries of Pentaerythritol, Di-Pentaerythritol, Calcium Formate, Prosid CF 30 and Charmor from the Perstorp Group’s European units. This declaration is now withdrawn for Di-Penta. A more detailed investigation of the situation has been done and as a result of that there will be no restriction of supplying Di-Penta products from Perstorp. The reason for this is that we will be able to supply contracted volumes from stock and that we will add new capacity of Di-Pentaerythritol in our plant in India in order to be able to fulfill coming commitments to regular customers. However, lead times might be slightly longer than normal for the coming weeks.

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