New range of low-cost polyester polyols launched

With raw material prices soaring, these products meet market demand for lower cost while securing satisfactory properties in coatings, inks, adhesives and foams. 

Thanks to an effective manufacturing process the new range of Robrac™ polyols offers formulators an opportunity to minimize costs. The products also meet the European polymer definition. 

“This saves customers the trouble of further testing and extra costs involved in notifying authorities,” explains Bo Häggman, Perstorp Global Market Development Manager.

The first product to be rolled out, Robrac™ 650, is now available in Europe, India and most of Asia. Robrac™ 650 is aimed particularly at formulators of alkyd resins, rosin esters, printing ink resins, polyurethane adhesives and polyurethane foams.

Coating formulators are expected to benefit from coating properties such as low viscosity and satisfactory drying, while ink formulators will appreciate the low viscosity and good pigment wetting properties. For formulators of polyurethane adhesives and foams, Robrac™ 650 offers the alternative of a very affordable, highly functional polyol cross-linker. 

“I expect strong response to these products based on what we have seen in application development and the very low price profile we have succeeded in achieving,” predicts Häggman.

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