Perstorp increases prices

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
9 June 2006

Effective June 15th, 2006 or as existing contracts permit Perstorp will increase for Speciality polyols:

Allylethers   +150 €/MT
Alkoxylated polyols   +150-300 €/MT
BEPD   +150 €/MT
Micronized Polyols   +200€/MT
Di-Penta   +200€/MT
Di-TMP   +200€/MT
Polyol PX   +50€/MT
MPD   +100€/MT

Prices are being increased due to higher costs of operation mainly related to raw materials, energy and logistics.

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