Cost-effective performance with BEPD

Besides being a highly cost-effective alternative to hexanediol, BEPD secures superior end-product performance. Particularly weathering, in terms of water resistance, gloss retention and elimination of yellowing effects, is significantly improved. 

Versatile diol BEPD (2-butyl, 2-ethyl propanediol) enhances your competitive edge with outstanding properties and provides considerable advantages over hexanediol. 

The pendant hydrop-hobic groups and the glycol structure of BEPD achieve excellent hydrolytic resistance, low viscosity of resins and a unique balance of rigidity and flexibility. You benefit from an approximate 4% - 5% cost savings on resin DVC (direct variable costs). 

The properties of coil polyesters based on BEPD secure reduced viscosity allowing for higher solids if necessary and also significantly improve weathering performance and chemical resistance for excellent outdoor and detergent durability.

This polyalcohol is widely used in unsaturated polyesters and gel coat, saturated polyesters for automotive coating, coil coating and powder coating. It is also used as a diacrylate for radiation curing and is FDA-approved as a diol for waterborne polyesters used in internal can-coating applications. 

Perstorp is the global leader in manufacturing and supplying BEPD. Our global presence provides you with reliable solutions and processes, consistent high quality, security of production and supply and delivery with precision.

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