Broiler Feed Quality Conference 2021

Join us at the Digital Broiler Feed Quality Conference in November. Taking place on 4 consecutive Wednesday starting on November 3rd. Sofia Rengman will represent us on the third day (November 17th). That day is entitled ‘How feeding can boost gut immunity (without using AGPs)’. Sofia will discuss use that context to highlight the golden child of the short chain fatty acid family: butyric acid. We hope to see you there!

More information on the program:
The programs will start at 13:00 p.m. Singapore time.

What can you expect from our presentation?
A synopsis:
Short chain fatty acids (Formic-, Acetic-, Propionic-, Butyric- and Valeric acid) are naturally produced in the colon. Butyric acid holds a special position since it is known to support gut health via several mechanisms. Esterification of butyric acid into tributyrin, delivers butyric acid in a concentrated form to where it can exert its effects. In two trials, Perstorp evaluated the effects of feeding tributyrin compared to a negative control group and a positive control group fed an antibiotic growth promotor (AGP). The results will be shared here, so join the conference or stay tuned if you would like to know more!

Jim Ren

VP Sales Animal Nutrition APAC

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