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Bengt Johansson Ranmo

VP Human Resources, HR BP Operations & Supply Chain Management

+46 40 635 88 29

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Ulf Lindh

HR Center of Excellence Director

+46 435 78 89 93

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William Wallin

HR Officer

+46 40 6358882

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Gun Andersson

Secretary EVP HR & Communications

+46 40 635 88 03

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Karin Bertilsson

HR Business Partner Site Perstorp, Perstorp Specialty Chemicals


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Charlotte Wrennfors

HR and Communications Manager Site Stenungsund

+46 303 38 32 87

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Lars Erik Wikström

HR Officer Site Stenungsund

46 303 383 255

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Michaela Weise

HR & Communications Manager Site Bruchhausen

492 932 498 150

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Ingrid Verkooijen

HR Manager Site Waspik

31 416 317 724

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