Thesis - meet a student

Examples of theses carried out at Perstorp:

    • Mathematical analysis of production parameters
    • Operator Training Simulator – Comparison between different technologies
    • Screening of zeolites for dyglycerol
    • Water recycling
    • Production of biogas from industrial wastewater
    • Modeling, validation and optimization of synthesis

Meet Mattias

Mattias thesis student

Mattias has been a summer worker five times at the Energy and Formaldehyde plant. But now returning for his sixth summer, Mattias is doing his graduation thesis as he is finishing his last year of study at Lund University in the chemical engineering program.

    “What I’m working on here is trying to find ways to improve the energy use in different plants here at Site Perstorp. It can be as simple as turning the lights off when you leave a room or something a little bit more complex as rebuilding a whole plant. An ordinary day I spend a lot of time by the computer, searching for information, working with material and energy balances and I do much calculation and have a lot of meetings with people. I also get to visit the plants I’m working with to learn how everything works to be able to do better calculations. Because sometimes even though it works theoretically it doesn’t work in practice."

Mattias thinks that his past summers as a summer worker have helped him a lot to understand how a plant works and how to monitor and control it. And lots of knowledge comes along with being a summer worker, which is good knowledge now and for the future. After his graduation, when he is a chemical engineer, Mattias is open-minded for further studies within management and economics.

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