Louise, Penta Plant

Louise summer worker

Louise is a 21 year old former Perstorp High School student. She lives in Gothenburg where she studies industrial economics at Chalmers University and is about to begin her second year of study. Louise is stationed at the Penta plant and it’s her fourth year working there this summer.

    “It’s my fourth year here and I’m still learning new things every summer, which is one of the reasons I find it fun and rewarding to come back and work here. When I look back at the earlier years I notice that I’ve grown as a person by taking responsibility and learning to be flexible working with other people, which I consider good experiences for the future.”

Louise explains that sometimes it’s pretty calm and everything runs according to plan, but occasionally you have to do some problem solving when things hassle. Then you have to use different techniques or think around the problem to solve it and that gives yet more experience and knowledge. She has an interest in industry and thinks that in the future she would like to work with something linked to the industrial sector. The interest for industry has grown along the years

    “The more you learn and understand, a stronger interest will emerge and the more you would want to learn."

In the picture Louise is standing at site Perstorps’ highest formaldehyde column - not a bad view from there.

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