Jonas, Accounts Payable

Jonas summer worker

Jonas is 23 years old and lives in Hässleholm. This summer is Jonas’s third time working at Perstorp. He worked his first summer at the Cash Office and the last two summers at the Accounts Payable, both sections are within the Corporate Accounting department.

    “This summer I mainly do the payment proposals that handle invoices that are due, for the Swedish Group companies that uses SAP and for Perstorp UK. In addition I also help with the verification of invoices and process invoices in SAP to later send them to the persons who will enter the account and approve invoices. I also handle some additional payments to specific suppliers, who for any reason need an extra fast payment."

Jonas finds some parts of his work more challenging than others, for example when he has to find error sources that occur in various suppliers’ invoices in conjunction with the their invoices. It can be stressful when there are deadlines to meet and lots to do. Another thing that can increase the stress factor is when you have to do extra payments for one or a number of suppliers. Although it is stressful at times there are much experience and knowledge to collect.

    “I feel like the work here contributes to my comprehension for the economic conditions a company like Perstorp faces daily. Through my tasks I get familiar with a number of financial systems and other work-related software. This combined with great colleagues makes it fun and rewarding working here at Perstorp."

Jonas is currently studying at University of Kristianstad, and is about to begin his third year in the program Bachelor of Economics with focus on international business and marketing.

    “At present I don’t exactly know what I should do after my third year, but I’m open for both further studying and also to start working."


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