Erik, Shipping Administration

Erik Summer worker

Erik is originally from Båstad but moved to Perstorp when he got admitted at Perstorp Gymnasium, the Group’s own chemical and processing oriented high school, where he’s going to study his third and last year. It’s Erik’s first time as a summer worker at Perstorp and he is helping out in the shipping administration. A normal day at the shipping administration, Erik comes in to the little red building and generally there’s already trucks waiting, and they keep coming all day. He takes the order number, writes in the ERP, contacts the various factories and then at last he helps the chauffeur to locate to the right place around the site.

    “It can be really stressful here when there are a lot of trucks coming in and I have a lot of responsibility too, and sometimes it’s quite challenging to communicate with the chauffeurs that don’t speak either Swedish or English. But thanks to the nice coworkers it gets easier.”

After his last year at Perstorp Gymnasium Erik is thinking about applying to GMU or to continue a type of engineering education.

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