Andrea, Transport Administration

Andrea Summer worker

Andrea is 24 years old and this summer is Andrea’s seventh time as a summer worker here at Site Perstorp. All previous summers Andrea has been helping out at the Transport Administration, but with different regions. This summer she’s working in the USA region.

    “My task here is to book transport for containers in the USA region, but sometimes I help out in other regions, mostly outside Europe. I do export documents and I’m in daily contact with shipping companies, shipping departments and Interlink."

The key to a non-stressful job day is to plan your work:

    “If you plan ahead it’s mostly not so stressful but of course there are things that can delay and complicate your plans. Then you have to fast get the information out to those who will be affected. I think it’s a valuable experience to work here because you get to understand the entire flow in the area, which most certainly will be useful in the future."

Andrea tells us that some of the best parts of having been here all these summers are that you get to know a lot of great people and colleagues, and you meet some of them again every summer and can catch up. Andrea is also studying at the moment and thinks that it is a nice variation to work here in the summers. She is currently studying at Linköping’s Technical University and is about to begin her fifth year of study to become an engineer in technical biology.

    “In the future after my graduation I wish to work in the food processing industry with optimization or product quality, or something similar but in the pharmaceutical industry."

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