Albin, SPPO Plant

Albin Summer worker

Even in vacation times the plants in Perstorp have to continue to run, and to make that possible we have our summer workers to help. Albin is 18 years old and comes from Tyringe. This summer he’s stationed at site Perstorps’ SPPO plant.

    “An ordinary day I come in 15 minutes early for the shift handover and then I make my way down to the building called “Apparathallen” where I monitor and control the Di-TMP process. It’s a lot of monitoring but also a lot of manual task as bagging, driving the fork lift and also to operate the process which for instance includes manually opening and closing valves."

This is his first time summer working at Perstorp. Albin thinks it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself and do your best at the same time as you also gain experience for the future. He also thinks it’s an especially good experience to try working shift.

    “At first it was kind of a challenge to be responsible for the controlling and monitoring because I sit alone and you want everything to work properly. But if I had any trouble I could always call my colleagues and they would guide and help me, which was very comforting.”

Albin says that after his third and last year at Perstorp Gymnasium he doesn’t have any firm plans, but if he gets a job offer he would most certainly take that offer, and maybe continue studying after a while.

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