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Asa Persson
Åsa Persson
Headmaster Perstorp High School
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Perstorp is the main sponsor of its own high school. The school offers a three-year program in industrial technology, focusing on chemical processing. The program includes twelve weeks of practical training both in Sweden, where the school is located, and abroad. In order to highlight different aspects of the school, we asked chancellor Åsa Persson and some of our Perstorp High School students to share their view. Read more about Perstorp High School at its own site >>

Chancellor's view

What does Perstorp High School offer the students?

Perstorp High School aims to provide an extensive education for future work in the global chemical industry. The school offers an education that provides students with professional qualifications and eligibility for higher education. How wide-ranging this eligibility shall be is up to the student to decide, as all courses are available here at the school. Furthermore, the school offers a great sense of fellowship. We work across borders and the proximity to the staff and opportunity for future networks are significant. Over the three years, students are also offered multiple opportunities to interact with the business community through several weeks of practical work. Part of this is carried out at Perstorp’s different sites around the world. Besides practical work, there are also visits to other companies in the same industry, because we want our students to have a broad foundation to use in further education or employment.

What happens after finishing Perstorp High School?

After finishing high school, a majority of the students choose to continue their studies. Others choose to work, and several choose to work at Perstorp. Today, about 20 years after the school first opened, there are many former Perstorp High School students working at Perstorp in a variety of positions. They can be found as anything from process operators to leading managers. However, it’s not just technology that attracts our students – they are also in finance, health care, law and many other sectors.

Åsa Persson, Chancellor at Perstorp High School

Student's view

Why did you apply to Perstorp High Scool and what's the best thing about the school?

"I applied to Perstorp High School because you get an extensive range of courses that prepare you for university and you leave as a fully qualified process operator. Perstorp High School has an excellent reputation, which was why I didn’t hesitate when I chose to come here. The best thing about Perstorp High School is that it’s a small school with a big sense of community. You’re not just one of the crowd and everyone gets a say."
- Lotti

August PG"One of the most important reasons for me is that you are a fully qualified process operator when you leave school and at the same time you get the opportunity of taking valuable courses that qualify you for university. I’ll therefore get the chance of working after school, earn some money and take a break from studies. There’s also a lot of practical work around the plant, which I think is great as experience. The best thing about the school is the diversity of the courses. Another good thing is the school’s excellent facilities, and not just the rooms where we have lessons, but also the common rooms. It helps a lot in raising the quality of your days at school." - August


Rebecca PG

"I applied to Perstorp High School because I wanted to attend a small school with a big sense of community. The school has a good reputation and my sister strongly recommended it because of the extensive range of courses and the excellent teachers.The best thing about Perstorp High School is the feeling you get at school. You feel welcome and part of the family." - Rebecca


"I applied to Perstorp High School because it’s a very good school that provides both good theory and practical opportunities, like work experience. I like the fact that it’s a personal school that provides customized learning where the individual has a lot of say. I also think the school canteen serves fantastic food!" - Lucas


 Ridchard"I chose Perstorp High School because I had heard about its good reputation. Many people I spoke to said that the teachers were great and that you get the help you need. I also like the subjects that the school teaches so I didn’t find it difficult at all in choosing which school to go to. The best thing about Perstorp High School is obviously the feeling of community. I’ve never felt that kind of connection before between schoolmates, teachers or classes at school. It’s always fun and I feel motivated to learn. I feel I can ask anyone for help, and I will gladly help anyone who comes to me for help. Everyone lends a helping hand wherever necessary." - Ridchard


Olivia"I applied to Perstorp High School because I wanted to attend a small, friendly school, which I think Perstorp High School is. I felt right at home here after just a few months, which made me feel like I’d definitely made the right choice! I think the best thing about Perstorp High School is the sense of community. Within the first few weeks of each year the whole school goes away to camp, where everyone gets to know one another, meaning you immediately feel as though you are “part of the gang”. I also think that it’s good that the teachers treat pupils as individuals so that we all get the help we need." - Olivia


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