Sanna, Process Safety Engineer

M. Sc. in Biotechnology, specializing in process technology

When Sanna started looking for work she wasn’t really sure what to apply for. She knew she wanted the opportunity to specialize in a small niche, but she didn’t know if these opportunities would exist in her first job after graduating. That’s when a classmate told her that Perstorp was looking for a process safety engineer and was also considering employing someone straight from university.

“It was almost as if the job came to me. This job means that you’re somewhat of a specialist, where you are given the opportunity of learning a great deal about one subject, while acting as a support function for many other positions at the company. I’m so pleased that Perstorp was bold enough to take on someone straight from university for such an important position.”

Sanna tells us that her role involves working with analyses, risk assessments, permits and other work in progress surrounding process safety, while ensuring that laws, ordinances and documents that she’s responsible for are updated on the intranet. When Sanna started at Perstorp she knew straight away that a lot of faith was being put in her, which is important to meet.

“Both the fact that I came straight out of university into this position and I know that many of the present plant managers have climbed the ranks, proves that it’s the individual’s own capacity and not necessarily what background you have that’s important here. It’s about how well you perform and how much of yourself you put into your work.”

Sanna provides an example that confirms her own experience of being new at Perstorp:

“During the introduction for the summer workers we were joined by both site managers and plant managers who answered questions, which I believe demonstrates the humility that all employees are equally important. You fill a vital role here and are therefore met with respect.” 

Sanna Process Safety Engineer