Rasmus, Project Manager

University of Applied Scienses, Bachelor of Engineering, Plastics Technology

Rasmus is originally from Finland and met his current manager for the first time at a seminar, while working for a Finnish organization. About five months later, after making a good impression, he was offered a job as project manager at Perstorp and so moved to Sweden.
“I can honestly say that Perstorp is the best employer I’ve ever had. I’ve been working in many different companies with many different tasks, but these were often jobs where the level of responsibility didn’t quite match my level of ambition. Now that I have a more responsible position I have more opportunities of taking part, influencing things and having more of a say.”
Rasmus works in the Innovation Cluster Materials and Feed & Food mainly with plasticizers. He is responsible for initiating new projects but also supporting various projects entering later phases in the development process. The job requires an entrepreneurial mindset.
"My job is to evaluate the potential of a product and find out if it could be of interest for Perstorp. I am also closely involved in product development. The tool we use for this is the NPI process, New Product Introduction. There are many projects running simultaneously that require different ways of thinking and problem solving, this variation is what I enjoy most about my job. It might be a cliché to say that every day is different, but that’s exactly how it is for me.” 
Apart from his work Rasmus values his spare time and the work/life balance works well for him. 
“In my department we have the opportunity to work flexibly. This means you are responsible for delivering results but you have the freedom, within a loose frame, to decide how you deliver them. This suits my day-to-day life really well, being a father of a small girl.”

Rasmus project manager