Monica, VP Integrated Supply Chain

M. Sc. in Industrial Management and Engineering

When Monica joined the company in 2018, it was first and foremost the culture and the opportunity to work in a global company yet small enough for every person to make an impact, that appealed to her the most.

"What I love about my job is that I get to be in the heart of the organization where everything happens. My role requires a big network inside the organization, and I enjoy the cross-functional teamwork where everyone puts their effort into what's best for the company. The willingness to cooperate boosts the company's progress and development."

Monica's passion for optimization and digitalization goes hand in hand with the company's journey to the modern and innovative company it is today.

"My main focus area is to optimize and improve processes and systems to higher efficiency; from when the customers place their orders to delivery and invoice but also our planning process to match the output from our different production sites with the demand from our customers around the globe. In both areas digitalization is key and I'm happy to see that Perstorp is in the frontline when it comes to global planning and processes!"

During her time at Perstorp, Monica has participated in different leadership programs, both internal and external. She says that she really appreciates Perstorp's firm belief that the company's continuous journey starts with a healthy and happy staff and that she enjoys practicing leadership through a health and safety perspective.

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