Andreas, Project Manager

B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

When the talk of work arose while Andreas was at university, the focus was really on the automotive industry. That there were opportunities of working with construction in other industries wasn’t something Andreas had considered too much and says:

“I now know that you don’t necessarily need a background in chemistry to work at Perstorp, but I didn’t consider that back then. There are many facets of the company that people possibly don’t realize or know even exist. Construction is one such area, because even though it’s clear everything needs to work from a technical and process perspective, everything must also fit together correctly.”

Andreas currently works as a project manager at the technical department in Stenungsund and runs various projects for modifications of the plant. He explains:

“We’re currently, for example, running an energy-saving project, meaning new equipment. Actually all disciplines such as electrical, instrument, piping and civil are involved.”

Prior to his role as a project manager, Andreas worked as a consultant at Perstorp with piping construction.

As project manager I get the whole picture differently than before. I might have strayed a little further from the actual technology, but I’ve also learned lots of other parts instead. What’s most fun is being faced with different problems and solving them. It is also very exciting to know that there is a setup of career steps for me to take, in order for me to grow, improve and take on bigger projects as a project manager.”

Andreas Project Manager