TommySenior Process Operator, Site Gent


Why did you choose to work at Perstorp?

I joined the business in 1995, before it was acquired by Perstorp. The plant was owned by a big international company and it looked like a promising place to work. I briefly left in January 2000 after 5 years but decided to come back in June 2000.


What is your educational background?

I studied industrial electronics at high school as I had a passion for electronics together with automotive sport.


What do you like about working at Perstorp?

I like the way that employee matters are dealt with. Vacations and family matters are important to me and Perstorp recognizes this. Workwise it’s nice to belong to a small site, everybody knows one another and its like a big family. I also like being involved in projects which provides me with a degree of challenge.


What do you think of your development at Perstorp so far?

Throughout my 18 years employment with Perstorp I have learnt an awful lot. I know things now that I did not even know existed, most importantly I know how to work safely.  I was also promoted from operator to senior operator, which was a big step for me.


How do you see your future at Perstorp?

I like my job and I hope to move on to becoming a lead operator before I decide to retire. I can’t be more ambitious than that, the wild years are over and I am now thinking about the next stage of my life.

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