Sam, Project Engineer

Sam Project Engineer

Sam, Project Engineer
Education: B.Sc. in Electro Technology
Employed since: 2015

When we meet Sam he is new at Perstorp, but says that he’s already been involved in projects at his department. He designs circuit and assembly diagrams in CAD, documents the projects and has also taken over one small project from a colleague.

    “You get a kind of a kick from doing something for real, compared to how it was in school for example. I’m likely going to be put on programming guidance systems and instrumentation later, which will be really interesting.”

That Sam should apply to work for Perstorp was far from a certainty however.

    “They were looking for an engineer in my discipline, so I thought – Perstorp? I had only heard of the Perstorp laminate and the spirit vinegar, which are no longer produced, so I was curious and wanted to know more. Now I know what Perstorp does, and it’s huge, it’s crazy! I was also a little worried about commuting at first, but since doing it for a while now it’s fine.”

It wasn’t just curiosity that was the deciding factor. Sam tells us of his ambitions of working abroad and about how, during his job interview, he found out that his global role would also involve opportunities of doing just that.

 “I’m really pleased to have a job where I know that I’ll be able to develop a lot and where the work also varies geographically. Working at the global department feels great and the best part is that the work is so stimulating.”

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