Inspection Manager, Site Stenungsund


Why did you choose to work at Perstorp?

I was attracted to the opportunity of being involved in Valerox, Perstorp's largest investment project which aims at processing new business and launching innovative products.


What is your educational background?

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering with process orientation.


What do you like about working at Perstorp?

Perstorp is a familiar company with committed employees and a caring corporate culture. When other companies are outsourcing an increasing share of their production and cutting down on the rate of investment, Perstorp progresses in the opposite direction. It feels great to work for a growing company that dares to look ahead.


What do you think of your development at Perstorp so far?

Working on a major project like this is really fantastic! In my role I get involved in most of the different phases of the project, and that variation of assignments is something I really enjoy. Thanks to this variety and the courses and exchange of experience with colleagues, I have had a sharp development curve in a short time. I’m very happy about that.


How do you see your future at Perstorp?

I am currently really enjoying my role as inspection manager, but the day I feel l want new challenge, it feels good that many doors are open for me at the company. Perstorp is well-known for letting their employees develop through a variety of positions in various departments. I look forward to many years of great challenges with great colleagues.

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