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Paul Shelley
Paul Shelley
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Ceri Hughes
Ceri Hughes
HR Advisor
Site Warrington
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Ian Macintyre
Ian Macintyre
Regulatory Manager
Site Warrington
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Location: Warrington, United Kingdom
Main products: caprolactones

The Warrington site is based in the North West of England and shares the site with Solvay Interox Ltd, part of Solvay S.A. Perstorp acquired the Caprolactones business from Solvay S.A. in February 2008.

Operating under the Capa™ trademark, the Capa™ Business Unit provides over 75 different products to many sectors including the Adhesives, Automotive, Resins, Paints and Footwear, as well as being a key material for Polyurethane ("PU") and Thermoplastic Polyurethane ("TPU") based manufacturers.

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