Perstorp is exiting the Trade Receivable Financing “TRF” program – new payment details on invoices as of April 16

Since 2022, Perstorp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG). As a result of the integration between PCG and Perstorp, Perstorp will no longer use the Trade Receivable Financing (“TRF”) program.

We will exit the TRF on April 16. On invoices issued on and after April 16, please pay attention to the updated payment details – both account numbers and name of account holders. Always follow the instructions on the invoice. 

You can already now plan to change name of account holder from Perstorp Finance International Ltd to: 

  • Perstorp Oxo AB 

  • Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB 

  • Perstorp Waspik B.V. 

  • Perstorp Chemicals GmbH 
For any questions or need of more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can reach out to your regular Perstorp contact, or Perstorp Accounts Receivable: AR