Working conditions

Working environment

It is Perstorp’s responsibility to offer safe and physically and psychologically healthy working conditions for all employees, and to forbid and take action against all types of harassment.

Non-discriminations & diversity

Perstorp recruits and treats its employees in such a way that no one is discriminated against on grounds of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion or social or ethnic origin. Equality and diversity in the workplace and in new recruitment are encouraged within Perstorp.

Working hours & overtime

Local laws and agreements relating to working hours, overtime and overtime remuneration shall apply. Salaries shall be paid regularly and follow the local laws and market situation. All employees have at least the minimum right to locally legislated time off.

Training & further education

Perstorp shall strive to develop and enhance employees’ expertise so that they can, in the best way possible, support the company’s current and future business activities.

Preventive health care

Perstorp supports the health of individual employees through preventive health care and various fitness programs.

Zero tolerance for accidents

Safety first everywhere and in everything we do. Perstorp shall maintain and develop an optimal health and safety standard at all locations where the company is active and thereby minimize possible risks. Wherever at work, Perstorp employees must follow the safety rules and procedures to minimize injuries and increase safety performance. Within Perstorp, zero tolerance applies regarding workplace accidents and all other types of accident.

Use of alcohol or drugs

Perstorp expects that all employees carry out their work without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any use of alcohol or drugs during working hours is forbidden.

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