Responsibility & violations of the code of conduct

Living the code

Responsibility shall pervade all the activities and decisions that the company and its employees implement in both the short and long-term perspective. Perstorp’s managers are expected to be role models and have the responsibility for communicating and checking observance of the Code of Conduct. Every employee must know the principles and essence of the Code of Conduct and act in accordance with it.

Violations of the Code of Conduct

Perstorp’s managers shall also encourage employees to correct, or report, matters that contravene the principles of the code. The fundamental approach is that local managers shall handle any problems or suspected violations that arise. Perstorp’s managers shall ensure that the Code of Conduct is observed and they shall create such an open atmosphere and working environment that all types of problems can be discussed openly and without censure. If for some reason it is not possible to report a violation locally, the alternative is to use the whistle-blowing principle.


Reporting an action that contravenes the Code of Conduct can be done anonymously and confidentially, a response universally known as ”whistle-blowing”. Employees who in good faith have reported violations of the Code of Conduct will not, of course, be punished for this. Whistleblowing shall only be used as a last resort. Reporting is made to the heads of the Group functions Human Resources and Legal. Employees are requested to refer to Perstorp’s Code of Conduct when making contact.


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