Perstorp’s unique success molecule

Perstorp’s unique success molecule consists of the Group’s three most important strengths, its core values: Focused Innovation, Reliability and Responsibility. These core values in various combinations pervade our working methods and solutions, and always create Winning Formulas.


Focused innovation

Focused innovation means that Perstorp places value on developing working methods, responsibility and processes for the mutual benefit of customers and the company. This does not mean innovation for its own sake, but innovation with an aim to find the best value-creating solution. In the area of chemicals, Perstorp focuses on niches in which the company has the prerequisites to be a world leader and drive development based on well-defined customer and sustainability-related needs.



Perstorp places great importance on keeping its promises to customers. This entails continuously ensuring that performance and processes live up to customers’ expectations. To deliver what you have promised, both as an individual and as a group, is decisive for Perstorp’s success and building confidence and loyalty among its customers and other business partners.



Perstorp employees are well trained and qualified for their work, and they are prepared to take responsibility and solve issues that arise when required. Perstorp is an organization that cares about its stakeholders, society and the environment.

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