Our business principles

Business ethics

Perstorp follows the laws and regulations in the countries where the company is active and requires that suppliers and business partners also comply. Perstorp’s relations with business partners shall be characterized by honesty and openness. Perstorp encourages continuous communication with the company’s various interested parties. All communication shall follow applicable legislation, regulations and norms. Communication shall be characterized by proactivity, timeliness, openness and reliability.


Only appointed spokespersons have a mandate to make official statements on behalf of Perstorp and/or its subsidiaries within individually defined areas. The spokespeople on group level are specified in the Communication Policy.


Account & reporting

All business transactions are recorded in accordance with the company’s accounting principles and local legislation, and accounting shall in no way be misleading. Perstorp’s financial accounting shall be open, truthful, relevant and understandable.


Customer relations

Perstorp shall always handle questions and any complaints from our customers in a fast, efficient and correct way.



The principles in this document shall apply in the assessment of current and potential suppliers.


Community commitment

Perstorp shall be a good, responsible and appreciated member of the community in the societies where we do business.


Conflicts of interest

All employees are expected to avoid situations in which their personal, financial or other interests can come into conflict, or can be considered to come into conflict, with the company’s interests. Should such a conflict arise, it must be reported at once to the immediate manager.


Competition & cartels

Perstorp competes in a fair and honest way. All functions and employees must be aware of, and observe, all laws that concern competition and not participate in any illegal anti-competitive cooperation or behavior. For detailed instructions, see Perstorp Group Competition policy.


Confidential information

We always take good care of company property and use it in a safe and appropriate manner, including but not limited to confidential information and business secrets. Employees are not allowed to use their knowledge of the company, its products or business transactions in contexts other than for the good of the company. Every employee must follow the regulations on confidentiality of information, which is owned by the company and our business partners, and is regulated by our Security policy.


Gifts & bribes

Perstorp shall not offer customers, potential customers, authorities or other business partners any form of remuneration or reward that contravenes laws or good business practice. Small gifts can however sometimes be a part of business culture. Perstorp does not allow bribes in any form. Perstorp employees shall not accept payment, gifts or any other type of remuneration from third parties that in any way can influence, or be considered to influence, their objectivity in business decisions. For detailed instructions, see Perstorp Group Anti-bribery policy.


Political affiliations

Perstorp takes a neutral position in terms of party politics and political opinions, candidates. The Perstorp brand is not to be used to support political parties or candidates. Consequently, we neither contribute to political parties or organizations, or to individual politicians.

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