Perstorp’s actions and supply contingency due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty and disruption for people, businesses and communities around the world. Perstorp has since the outbreak implemented actions to avoid disruptions to our business, and to secure that our employees and societies stay safe.

Perstorp measures related to COVID-19

Production units and sites around the world implemented precautionary measures early in the pandemic in line with national and regional guidelines. Safety routines were sharpened and there is restricted acceptance of external visitors, and transport to all Perstorp areas are checked and required to declare previous destinations. Employees that have been able to conduct their work from home have been asked to do so until further notice. Digital solutions have proven to be valuable in finding new ways to communicate and meet with our valued customers and partners.

We continue to follow the development and adapt our ways of working to secure the safety of our employees as well as our business continuity.

Production and supply 

Production is running on all sites, and we have up to date not experienced any major disturbances due to COVID-19 to our internal supply chain and ability to produce according to agreements and sales orders. 

The current land freight conditions have started to return to a more normalized situation, but still with longer transit time and potential delays. Sea freight conditions are still suffering from longer lead times than usual due to fewer ships in circulation. There has recently been a relief in territorial restrictions, but there can still be congestions affecting the transport sector that could lead to delays and additional costs. We continue to monitor the developments in our surrounding closely.

Information last updated 2020-09-03

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