Core values

What we stand for

Our core values define the high standards we strive to live up to in our corporate life and customer relationships. They are the common denominators for what we believe in and what our customers appreciate. The values reinforce our position as the supplier of Winning Formulas and through actively using them we create a strong and reliable perception of Perstorp.

Focused innovationFocused innovation

Focused innovation implies clarity of purpose, and leadership within specific business areas and applications. Focused innovation is much more than just developing new chemistry. It also means thinking creatively about our customers needs, improving our operational excellence and performance culture. It is never innovation for innovations sake, but innovation directed at finding the best solution to create value – for our customers and for us. It provides a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Reliability entails being trustworthy and dependable in all that we do. At the business level it means that we provide reliable processes in our operations, both for the benefit of our customers and to improve our own cost effectiveness. In essence we offer reliable solutions with low risk, which we deliver with precision. At the human level reliability enables us to build up confidence and trust in all our relationships. Trust results from acting reliably.

Core value responsibilityResponsibility

Responsibility demonstrates that we as individuals and as an organization care about what happens and how we act. It displays a worldly business approach and attitude that makes everyone feel secure and reassured. Furthermore being responsible means taking ownership and action when required. It means being proactive, caring and attentive in all our relationships.

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