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Year-end/Q4 report 2020 released

Perstorp Holding AB (Publ.) parent company for world leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp ...

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Supporting the transition towards more sustainable PVC

Due to the waste issues that we see in our bins and around the planet, plastics are currently ...

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Poultry World webinar on Poultry Health and Nutrition

Join us for a global webinar about Poultry Health and Nutrition, organized by Poultry World ...

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COVID-19: actions and supply contingency

We are carefully following the development of the outbreak of COVID-19, to avoid disruptions to our business and at the same time ensure the health and safety of Perstorp customers, partners and employees. 

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Why sustainability matters to us

Learn about what sustainability means to us at Perstorp, our approach and ambition to contribute to a better world. How we aim to become a company which does not take part in the depletion of finite materials. 
And how we work with procuct stewardship, health and safety and much more.

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