Capa™ for Bioplastics

Linda Zellner
Director Materials, Innovation
+46 435 382 91

Capa™ opens new opportunities for Bioplastics

Capa™ for bioplastics can be used as a mechanical property enhancer for renewable based biopolymers as well as a processing aid. It is a polymer with excellent tear properties and good low temperature performance. Capa™ is a certified compostable polymer and provides fast biodegradability. Bioplastics with Capa™ can go to both domestic and industrial composting, helping to improve the end of life environmental profile of the bioplastic.

VincotteCapa™ 6500 product page>> 
Certificate for compostability >> (use code: 7W2020)

Capa™ 6800 product page>>
Certificate for compostability >>(use code: 7W2021)

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