Powder polyester
Powder polyester resins
The leading supplier of polyalcohols for powder polyester resins

Building blocks for powder polyester resins

Adrian Harden
Adrian Harden
Product Manager, EMEA & Americas
+46 435 372 83

Perstorp is a provider of the main building blocks for powder polyester resins 

Powder polyesters are mainly made from Neo (neopentyl glycol, NPG) and terephthalic/isophthalic acid. Powder coatings are VOC-free industrial coatings for metal goods, whitegoods, wheels and even MDF, making them an excellent sustainable coating solution for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Perstorp's offer: 

Neo or NPG – is the main diol for powder polyesters resins; it imparts good crystallinity and excellent durability plus other high quality coating properties 
TMP – is the main product used to introduce branching to the polyester 

At the core of our business 

Perstorp is a world leading global supplier of polyalcohols with global production and warehouse presence in four continents. We have gained a worldwide reputation within resins for consistency in quality and reliability in supply.

Value chain

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