Calculate your benefit with ProSid™ MI 700

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Alessandro Bisesti
Business Development Manager
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Exchange rate GBP to Euro is 1 GBP = 0.87 Euro (rate of 6-6-2017, rates will fluctuate.

ProSid MI 700 savings calculator

Tons of grain
Moisture content
Storage time
Dosage, liters / ton 0.4
Grain price / ton (€) € 
ProSid™ MI 700 price / liter (€) € 
Reduced DM losses (calculate with 5%)
Storage losses due to molds: ME, Crude fat & protein
Purchase cost of ProSid™ MI 700 (€)
Value per year (€)
Based on a consumption of liters ProSid™ MI 700


Please note that the application of the estimated savings represent only a theoretical estimate of the potential savings that would result from the use of the product, made from a limited number of factors, findings from research and experiments done in the laboratory. It thus implies no guarantee (neither explicit, expressly or implied) to the savings will actually be achieved in the individual case. Any use of the application is thus at the user's own risk and Perstorp can not be held responsible direct, indirect, economic, consequential or consequential damages arising from the use of the application results in.

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