Improve sow health and piglet viability

In gestation feed, a dEB of 240 favours an adequate deposition of calcium and phospate into the bones.

In lactation feed, the dEB can be reduced with 50-100 mEq to enhance calcium release from bones to increase calcium availability for a high quality milk production.

After weaning, the dEB should be normalized to 240 mEq in the sow feed.

This strategy maintains a good sow health and improves the number of weaned piglets per sow.

  Farm average
dEB optimization using sodium formate No Yes
Sows (#) 842 825
Piglets born alive (per litter) 13.64 14.20
Weaned piglets (per litter) 11.24 11.72
Mortality in suckling piglets (%) 16.55 16.37
Increased number of weaned piglets (per litter)   +0.48
Increased number of weaned piglets per sow per year*   +1.13


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