Do you know your dEB

The importance of regulating dEB

Ensuring a dEB level of 240 mEq in the diet may improve animal performance with 4-7 % in daily weight gain and feed conversion ratio. This is a performance enhancement not easily achieved at such a low cost compared to many other feed additives.

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How to calculate dEB

The dietary electrolyte balance (dEB) is the balance between Na+, K+ and Cl- in kg/kg dry matter feed and is calculated as follows:

Na/ 0,023 + K/0,039 – Cl/0,035 = dEB (mEq)

Sodium chloride changes dEB very little…

1 kg NaCl=390/0,023 + K/0,039 – 606/0,035 = 0,36 mEq

…compared to ProPhorce™ AC 299:

1 kg ProPhorce™ AC 299=340/0,023 + K/0,039 – Cl/0,035 = 14,78 mEq

dEB chart

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