Tommy van Limbergen

General Manager PEHESTAT, Belgium

Tommy van Limbergen has a bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine, University of Antwerp. He received a Master degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2012, Ghent university. During 2012 - 2014 veterinary practitioner in Belgium and in the Netherlands in resp. primary poultry - and pig production. He was a PhD-researcher at the department of Reproduction, Obstetrics and Herd Health management of Ghent University. The topics he did his research on were risk factors for production diseases  (2014 – 2018). His current position is as a general manager at PEHESTAT (Performance and Health Statistics), a company that offers tailor made advice for poultry farms and industry stakeholders based on specific performance, health and welfare indicators (including statistical analysis). PEHESTAT also performs and coordinates field trials in all types of poultry farms.