Perstorp Feed & Food 2016 customer event program

Agenda 7th of June

14.00 -15.00  Coffee
15.00 -15.30 Welcome to Perstorp Customer conference 2016!
  - BA Manager Marie Grönborg
  - BU Manager Patricia Oddshammar 
15.30 -16.30 Swedish experience of salmonella and antibiotic free production
  - Magnus Jeremiasson DVM Swedish Egg and Poultry Association
16.30 - 17.00 Break
17.00 - 17.45   Gut Health in Focus
  -Geert Wielsma, Product Manager  
17.45 - 18.30 Feed Hygiene and preservation in Focus
  -Marc Kinjet, product Manager
18.30-18.45 Information about tomorrow 
19.15 Dinner 


Agenda 8th of June

7.30 Check out 
8.00 Bus leaves for Perstorp site tour
9.00-9.30 Site tour of Perstorp
9.30-10.00 Coffee 
10.00-11.00   Latest research on gut health
  - Dr. Filip van Immerseel, Gent University

OA glycerol esters, a breakthrough in animal production
  - Koen Schwarzer, Perstorp Feed & Food Innovation Manager

11.45-12.30 Lunch
12.45-16.30 Bus trip to Kalmar, Activities and coffee break during the bus ride (Wi-Fi available on the bus)
16.30-17.30 Kalmar Lantmän, One of the worlds most modern Feedmills
18.00 Check-in at hotel
19.00 Boat tour and evening activity

Agenda 9th of June

8.30-9.45  Customers sharing experience in improving gut health and animal performance  
9.45-10.30 Check-out and Coffee
10.30-11.00 Customers sharing experience in improving gut health and animal performance
11.00-12.00   Sustainability, reliability, safety, external speaker 
12.00-12.15 Event ending
12.15-13.15 Lunch 
13.15-17.30 Bus trip to Malmö Central station including activities and coffee break (Wi-Fi available on the bus)